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    Wooden houses  
    Carpentry workshop  
Collection of designs:  
    house, cottage  
    cabin - camping  
    sauna house  
    shed, garage  
    gazebo, grill house  
    stairs, ladders  
    shutters and other  
3 Radi carpentry


We create solid wood carpentry workshop products – garden, sauna cabin and cafe deck furniture, stairs, ladders, window / door external and internal shutters, also other solid wood elements.
We’ll create your desired design of the product.
Our furniture designs can be viewed in the project collection – in the section ‘furniture’, other carpentry products - to be chosen from samples in sections ‘stairs/ladders’ and ‘shutters’.

solid furniture


We offer solid wood furniture. Furniture of guest houses, sauna cabins or cafe decks, garden furniture – tables, benches. We can provide an unique design. There are models, which do not require screws and nails, instead they are joined by a linen/sisal cord. The treatment of wood is special – we use an ancient japanese finishing method SHOU-SUGI-BAN, which, in the result of thermal treatment, is more rot and insect - resistant than any chemical products, which are easily rinsed off by the rain.
A few models are still in the design process, for example plywood furniture, which are more suitable as design furniture, we’ll create and make to your order.

stairs ladders


We offer solid wood spiral and timber stairs similar to existing samples or by individual design. The wood in design is combined with metal. We also design and produce external stairs as an extension to the building. Relief stairs for placing on the ground are also available – terraces, paths and steps next to water or other slopes.
We create ladders according to your order and desired length.

window decorative shutters

WINDOW AND DOOR internal/external SHUTTERS.

We offer to create window and door shutters, jambs as decorative elements for exterior revitalization of the building. The shutters are combined with metal parts, Recently internal window or door shutters becomes popular, and serves as a security measure. Iinternal decorating requires a matching design, so those are able to be created after the work out of the design.

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