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prefabricated log and timber frame

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guļbūve pirts

Log constructions

Solid wood beam – log building wall constructions - homes, sauna cabins, cottages, lodges - with many different corner joint solutions as well as post & beam roof constructions with the help of ancient carpenter constructive connections.

Karkasa mājas - timber frame house

Timber frame constructions

Solid wood post & beam heavy and light timber frame - homes, farm houses, barn houses, chalets, cabins, cottages, tiny houses - constructions with wooden board cladding and thermal insulation frame, post & beam roof constructions using the constructive joints of ancient carpenters.

Autonojume - koka konstrukcijas - carport

Sheds and barns

Solid wood Post & Beam timber frame and light timber frame barns, carports, garages and sheds - structures with wooden board cladding and solid wood beam roof structures, using the constructive joints of ancient carpenters.

Lapenes nojumes - gazebos

Gazebos, small constructions

Solid wood garden gazebos, sheds, outdoor canopies, outdoor furniture, furniture sets and other small garden constructions can be made to order.

    A log house/ log cabin or timber frame house or a bath house/ sauna in the countryside  is not just Your property – it is a lifestyle choice. Although most clients would choose a log house building just for the looks of it. It is important to note that the cladding and material quality comes first for a long lasting investment – therefore it definitely affects the price of the project and production of it. The visual and emotional attachment, which either the log house or the heavy timber frame houses carry is a fundamental aspect, contributing to the popularity of such constructions.
   Log and timber frame houses can be created through many different architectural styles. At the same time the constructions maintain their unique identity – solid wood. Further understanding about the sole purpose of, as well as the difference between log and timber frame houses can help You on the way to finding the right house for You specifically.


Lapenes - nojumes projekti designs

Standard designs

All finished projects can be viewed in the CATALOGUE directory. House projects are sorted by the type of manufacturing technology – log houses, timber frame houses. Other projects are sorted by type of use – barns, gazebos-small constructions.

Koka mājas projekti katalogā - project drawings

Customising a project

We can adjust any of project available in our CATALOGUE directory to Your needs by making slight changes in the project drawings, proportions or room placement.

Māju projekti - individuāls dizains - individual design

A new project - an individual design

Projects can also be created from your individual plans and idea design, compromising Your project plans with our materials, style and technologies.


Guļbūves - log homes

Houses, saunas and cabins

The large amount of photos published in our GALLERY are just a small portion of the houses, saunas and cottages we have made. Different technologies and usually designed as individual – new projects.

Šķūnis barn - saimniecības ēkas

Sheds and barns

It is crucial that barn, which complements any main building, as well as the landscape itself, looks visually pleasing. We always follow this guideline, because it is important for any building to flatter the landscape.

Lapene gazebo


As a special kind of design construction, gazebos require special detail in the process of designing the project, as well as a big workload in the assembly - mounting of a gazebo.

konstrukcijas detaļas - wooden details


Everything is designed to the very smallest of details, since the details are also self-made according to our technical drawings. So to say - long may it last!