We will form and improve Your idea from any plan to a whole design. Altering existing projects of ours to Your specific needs for You and Your property also guarantees a quality end result.
what we offer - from an idea to realization:

Standard designs

More than 60 different wooden building and construction projects are published in our catalogue. The catalogue has been divided into sections, seperating wooden house/cabin technologies, seperate sheds/carports and miniature constructions – such as gazebos.

Customising a project

It is possible to make changes in a project of ours to adjust to Your specific design and fuctional needs. Sometimes only very little change in a project is required for it to become just perfect for somebody.

Projektesna koka maja

New individual design

Your given outer parameters or individual plans - or even external parameter altering on the base of any standard design of ours – are considered a new individual design.

If You wish for us to design

We undertake responsibility for any structural load/strength calculations, as well as the adequacy of materials for the project. We provide it all with our montage and assembly services, giving guarantee for the projects we have created and assembled ourselves.

customising a project:
a new individual design:
Samples of 3D models